Thursday, April 10, 2014

Naskah Cinta Allah

Hello readers ! suddently i feel like im the only one that being hurt because of my own instinct. Is it good or bad things?? Predict that something that could hurt me someday. My condition is "wait & see" . Never know what is it because the fate comes from Allah. Im only His 'hamba' that really have faith on Him. We can be strong no matter what happen but when its come towards emotion i become weak . Yeah the emotions !! the women weakness.. pray a lot that what makes me feel im protected. Cry with the pray and ask Him to help for giving the braveness. There are many sign that can show me what i feel and its come to my prediction. Really scare to 'that' things could happen in belief in love for Allah.

Im just a human. I bleed when i fall down. i hope the "Naskah Cinta Allah" will give happiness towards me and my beloved. i also hope the thing that used to predict and became true is not going to happen.


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