Thursday, April 10, 2014

Naskah Cinta Allah

Hello readers ! suddently i feel like im the only one that being hurt because of my own instinct. Is it good or bad things?? Predict that something that could hurt me someday. My condition is "wait & see" . Never know what is it because the fate comes from Allah. Im only His 'hamba' that really have faith on Him. We can be strong no matter what happen but when its come towards emotion i become weak . Yeah the emotions !! the women weakness.. pray a lot that what makes me feel im protected. Cry with the pray and ask Him to help for giving the braveness. There are many sign that can show me what i feel and its come to my prediction. Really scare to 'that' things could happen in belief in love for Allah.

Im just a human. I bleed when i fall down. i hope the "Naskah Cinta Allah" will give happiness towards me and my beloved. i also hope the thing that used to predict and became true is not going to happen.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cik N is my bestie.. im sorry !

First, i would like to apologize to you for not contact towards you during my exam
i dont know if i do wrong..i always remember you no matter what happen to me.. but sometime, people not are not contact with each other it does not mean they forget.. if u were not comfortable or not feeling well just tell me straight

i dont want any secret or rasa terpendam ada dalam diri.. 
its dangerous towards friendship..
i hope we still what we are..
love as friend, sister, ELF chingu its a lot of meaning to me..


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Onyx Hotel Show !

Hello readers.. 
its me again that wanna story i had been doing trough my 4th semester !
The Onyx Hotel Show ?? this the show that build brave personality to my self to shine towards other people.. im actually a shy person that kind of easy person to take an of my group of friend leave us..hurm tak tahu kenapa dia tinggalkan kami lepas drpd confrontation group. keep it secret what u did as our secret . We know what u did to us.. but we were sad u doing this to us..stabback ? yes u are..i hope u could tell us what is the reason.
So i decided to fly away and be a better person..

1st project id the onyx hotel show !
still remember Rasydan from my previous post ? now he is one of us.. 
he is like my brother to me.. he is the one to make my little dream when i was little to dance a Britney Spears song ! its like dream come true.. he realize my dream!

The onyx hotel show is from Britney Spears most provocative 2004 tour !
so here we present the onyx hotel show !!

This our promotion poster for the show !! awsome isn't it?

This is the link for our Behind The Scene !! enjoy watching !

Onyx Hotel Show Performance
while getting ready snap a pic before that !
with my gorgeous daa bommm MC and fabulous choreographer !! 
liyana salleh and asy muhamad 

Thank you for those who are coming to our onyx hotel show.. Thank you so much for ur support .. Hope u guys are entertained.. Thanks to asy Muhammad for gave me this opportunity that I can't imagine I will dance Britney's song.. Thanks to Liyana Salleh n syaza amiera for the make up.. Aku da jd minah Arab mancung hidungnya.. Bibir merah bak delima.. Hahaha..awesome theatre crew and dance crew Sgt best kerja dgn korg!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Remarkable Super Show 5 Malaysia

23rd November 2013 is the wedding day of mine.
to whom ???
of coz toward SUPER JUNIOR oppas !!
I cant believe that im going to SS5 ..IT JUST LIKE THE DREAM CAME TRUE !

 okay lets begin the main ceremony.. HAHAH
me and my best friend decide hardly to going that concert after we consider many things then here we are at the concert on 23rd November.
we arrived at Stadium Putra B.jalil at 9.45 am
yeah we arrived early because my friend is the admin of Malaysia ELF fanbase and need to distributed the army hand banner it is the colaboration among other fanbase.

 Me during waiting for the concert to begin.. so hot u know waiting outside for hours !!

That T-shirt - last minute buy from chinese fanbase also colaborate with Malaysian ELF 
about the fan project 'Never Leave u'

Army banner fan project !!! 
 Big banner for our SJ oppa..

My beloved sisters and my bff !! thanks for everything.. 
i dont know how to repay all of you.. im willing to do anything for u girls
 as long as i can help.. thank you so much.. this SS5 really means a lot to me .

With kak eka yang manis.. lama tak jumpe since our
 first date.. 

Me inside the stadium !! oh my !! the stadium was huge !! 
cant wait for SJ to came up on stage

during concert !!

An ELF take picture of mine.. she really friendly.. ELF from indonesia

 uri oppa !!

Our fan project that touch SJ oppas heart..(im just helping my friends) 
siwon i would remember this moment..i love you!

wookie oppa !! 

wookie oppa again !! so attractive !!

Donghae oppa that catch my eyes towards him!! 

 First time jumpe heechul dekat2 dia mmg adorable..
came back from army with his shine !

Distributing army hand banner

Sapphire Blue Ocean in Stadium Putra !!!

Through concerts organized by Star Planet and sung by Spritzer Natural Mineral Water, Suju deliver 28 songs like Mr. Simple, Sorry Sorry, Super Girl, Cold, Break Down, Rock Star, Sunny, Dancing Out and more. 

In addition to singing in a group, it is also interspersed with solo and duet performances from other Suju members. 

Among the performances get more cheers when Siwon, Kangin, Ryeowook and Sungmin went on stage and danced with women dressed. 

Last but not least, when they are showing wear costume superhero like Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, Wolwerine, Ironman, Dragon Ball Boy Wonder when the track. 

Interspersed with interaction with fans through an interpreter present, three members of Suju, Heechul, Kyuhyun and Sungmin were forced to action 'gwiyomi' which again invite screaming fans in attendance.

cry during gray paper song

Last one by one to the fans in the stadium.

Although some times joked and deliver a speech, but some of the fans in tears at that point.

Some of the words uttered by some Suju members is their promise to return to Malaysia, because likens 'married' to all the fans that night after delivering a song Marry U.

But this concert may be memories that will last for Siwon military service starting next year.

this is what are SJ's oppa said during the concert !!

Eunhyuk promised to comeback with Yesung and Teuk.
At last Kangin went to side to side and pointed at ELF and then bump his fist to his chest. Something like, "Because all of you, i'll be strong."
Henry introduction SS5 Malaysia.

Henry : A kabar, annyeonghaseyo. What's up Malaysia!!!!...
Donghae : Hahahaha... apa khabar. *slapped Henry's chest*
Henry : Dea!

Zhoumi spoke in mandarin with Malaysian ELF.

Zhoumi : Do you understand what im saying?..
ELF : Yes.
Zhoumi : *Im no sure what he said, something like Malaysian is good.*

Eunhyuk speak in korean to Malaysian ELF but before the translator said something we said....

ELF : Yes!
Eunhyuk : Do you understand us?..
ELF : Dae!!
Eunhyuk : Do you under stand korean?..
ELF : Dae!!!!!..
Eunhyuk : Are you korean?..
ELF : Dae!!!...

During Gray Paper were being played, ELF were crying so hard because they missed Yesung and then Yesung pop out on the screen.

After Marry u Eunhyuk said "Now that we're married should i take of my shirt?.."

Eunhyuk kept on saying, "Malaysian is so warm."

Heechul said, "Even from 1 year or 10 years i hope you will still come to our concert and bring your child to dance to their Sorry Sorry.

During the last, Eunhyuk said something about promising SS6 with ELF along with Pinky promise!

During second talk session, Siwon said "I don't know why Malaysia is always is almost the last country and whenever we come to Malaysia it's always one day i hope next year you will got 2 days."

During second talk session, Kangin said "Thank you for your unchanged love for supporting us."

During second talk session, Eunhyuk said, "Malaysia, you're sooooo ......women."

When it was Daydream this banner were rised along with a shape. After the song ended Super Junior wants to see the banner and they read it out loud 'Never leave U' and they said it was beautiful and touching. *They touch their chest.* and then Siwon show it to the camera.

cr to : all owners of the picture..
thank you for all.