Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Onyx Hotel Show !

Hello readers.. 
its me again that wanna story i had been doing trough my 4th semester !
The Onyx Hotel Show ?? this the show that build brave personality to my self to shine towards other people.. im actually a shy person that kind of easy person to take an advantage..one of my group of friend leave us..hurm tak tahu kenapa dia tinggalkan kami lepas drpd confrontation group. keep it secret what u did as our secret . We know what u did to us.. but we were sad u doing this to us..stabback ? yes u are..i hope u could tell us what is the reason.
So i decided to fly away and be a better person..

1st project id the onyx hotel show !
still remember Rasydan from my previous post ? now he is one of us.. 
he is like my brother to me.. he is the one to make my little dream when i was little to dance a Britney Spears song ! its like dream come true.. he realize my dream!

The onyx hotel show is from Britney Spears most provocative 2004 tour !
so here we present the onyx hotel show !!

This our promotion poster for the show !! awsome isn't it?


This is the link for our Behind The Scene !! enjoy watching !

Onyx Hotel Show Performance
while getting ready snap a pic before that !
with my gorgeous daa bommm MC and fabulous choreographer !! 
liyana salleh and asy muhamad 

Thank you for those who are coming to our onyx hotel show.. Thank you so much for ur support .. Hope u guys are entertained.. Thanks to asy Muhammad for gave me this opportunity that I can't imagine I will dance Britney's song.. Thanks to Liyana Salleh n syaza amiera for the make up.. Aku da jd minah Arab mancung hidungnya.. Bibir merah bak delima.. Hahaha..awesome theatre crew and dance crew Sgt best kerja dgn korg!!

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